Primary Caregiving

If your child is joining us in the Nursery, they will experience Primary Caregiving.  At The Giraffe Learning Centre, our aim is to provide consistency and stability for your child and your family, as this helps to make the transition into Care so much easier. We believe that it is important that each child has a special person to care for their best interests. Your child's Key Caregiver will be there to work as an advocate for your family, and especially for your child, while they are here at The Giraffe Learning Centre.

Your child’s Key Caregiver will take the time to observe and really get to know your child. They will spend quality time with them and take the opportunity to learn those extra little things that other people may not notice.  This Key Caregiver will also be responsible for your child’s care moments.  Care moments are the special one-on-one times during the day. These include feeding, dressing, changing nappies, and sleeping.  We believe it is important to treasure these times, to make sure they are respectful to the child, enjoyable and unhurried.  It is during these Care moments that the relationship is developed and strengthened.

Preparation For School

It is our aim at Giraffe ELC to send children to primary school who are confident and competent in a wide range of skills and experiences.

When your child turns four years old they are encouraged to gather together to participate in group experiences. These activities are aimed at helping children develop knowledge and skills that will be needed when they start school.  We also work closely with the schools in our area to ensure that your child’s transition to school is enjoyable for yourselves and your child.

Letterland Phonics

When your child turns three years old they are encouraged to participate in our Letterland Phonics programme. Phonics are the best tool for preparing children for the literacy skills needed at school, and through the use of Letterland you will also be able to support your children in their journey.

Each week the children will focus on a different letter, which will be posted on the Storypark. Whilst the children will be discussing the letter here at the center, there will also be a worksheet available on the Storypark if you would like to extend this further at home. This is not compulsory homework and does not need to be brought into the center when completed, but is there for you to work on as a family if you so desire.

Storypark + Profile Books.

We know as parents, how much you love knowing what you child gets up to during the day. 

It is our aim to include you in their day as much as possible.  Not only do we aim to ensure that a teacher is always available for a chat at drop off and pick up, we have also introduced Storypark ( as a tool for communicating about your child’s day.  

Through Storypark, you might see your little one happy at play on their first day, accomplishing that challenge of getting all the way across the monkey bars, eating up all of their nutritious lunch, or splashing in the muddy sandpit with their friends.

We know it’s the little moments that count and we will ensure that you are included in these.

As well as documenting learning on Storypark, your child will have their very own book which will be used to document your child’s learning goals, their achievements, magic moments throughout their time at The Willows, and even snippets of their artwork.  The children love reading and sharing these special books, and they become a wonderful keepsake for families.

Home Contact Folders for Preschoolers

These folders have been designed to keep you informed of what we do at the center and provide a link and close relationship between the center and home.