At Giraffe Early Learning Centre, we provide a diverse range of structured and unstructured learning activities, and our professional, well qualified staff promote learning that is purposeful and enjoyable for children, with a curriculum that is based on the bicultural principles and values of Te Whāriki early childhood curriculumTe Whaariki guidelines.

Te Whāriki envisages our teaching team working in partnership with parents, whānau and community to realise this vision. The expectation is that, in their early years, children will experience a curriculum that empowers them as life-long learners.

Your child is encouraged to create, explore, invent, discover, question and experiment to construct their knowledge and enrich their understanding of the world around them. 

Embedded in each day are periods of explicit learning where time is set aside to teach specific pre-literacy and pre-numeracy concepts and skills.

At Giraffe ELC we follow an inquiry-based approach to localize Te Whāriki to meet local community needs and individual child's learning goals.